• Long, long ago there lived a very intelligent man called Umar-e-Ayyar. Umar carried a Magical Bag, which could hold the contents of the entire Universe. All he had to do was dip his hand into the bag and wish for it. And the bag would grant him his wish every time.

  • Tales of Umar’s fantastic adventures were penned several decades ago. But the magical bag was something I dreamed of often as a child. That is why today, Zee Xpressions is happy to christen its Retail Service Line "Zumbeil" - Arabic for Bag.

  • Zumbeil is a place where every seeker of authentic art can find a keepsake. It might not contain the Universe. But it is filled with hand-crafted articles from the farthest reaches of India.

  • Here you can find a wide range of the most extraordinary and creative artefacts. They are scented with the ancient cultures of Our Beautiful Land. Our country is home to More Than Two Thousand Ethnic Groups. Each community comes with its own history and works of art.

  • At Zumbeil, we are trying to capture the fragrance of those bygone eras. But this is only the beginning. We hope to bring together as many Indian Handicrafts as possible on this page. So, keep visiting us to discover newer treasures.

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