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Resume Writing Service

A resume is the most important document when it comes to pursuing the job (or company) of your dreams. It should be professionally written, consisting of more than just information about your work history, educational qualifications and personal facts. It should be designed to portray you as an individual, with your unique strengths and achievements that reveal you as a promising candidate.

Did you know that it takes less than just 7 seconds for a resume to make an impact on the recruiter?

Zee Xpressions' professional resume writing service ensures that your resume makes that impact. We carve each of your qualities into a selling point, and use a unique blend of colours and text to help recruiters capture vital information about you instantly.

Our Unique Selling Propositions

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Cover Letter Designing

Your resume is incomplete without a cover letter to introduce it. This is especially true when you are e-mailing your resume to a prospective employer. The employer will want to first read a brief about your skills and expertise before even deciding whether or not to open your attached resume. He wants to be sure that it is worth his or her time to go through your resume in detail. Zee Xpressions' professionally written cover letters have the power to make a prospective employer open your resume and read it through completely. Each cover letter is designed to perfectly position your core skills and why you are most suited for the job.

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Career Development Programme

Zee Xpressions conducts 10-hour Career Development Programmes for students, first-time job seekers and working professionals too. We impart training on how to write an attention-grabbing resume and cover letter. We also help you get in-depth practical knowledge on how to prepare for and attend interviews. In short, we give away the skills of the services we provide besides the products themselves. Programmes are currently conducted in Hyderabad and Bangalore only. If you want a feel of how our programmes work, call, SMS or e-mail us to register for an absolutely free 1-hour demo session. The demo facility is currently available only in Hyderabad.

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SEO Website Content

Your website is an online door to your identity on the World Wide Web. It could be a personal or a business site that provides information about yourself or your products. Customers who do not know you by name depend upon search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing and others to find you.

But what if your business name does not appear on even a single page of search results? What if the names of your competitors appear instead? Wouldn't you lose out on a possibly valuable customer who might have the potential to give you long-term business? Well, the answer is YES!

The primary reason companies lose their place in search results is the lack of Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content. At Zee Xpressions, we perform extensive research on SEO keywords to place your business on the top. We ensure that your content is relevant and easy to read through proper content chunking and sequencing to give your customers the information they are looking for.

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E-Learning Content

E-learning has become an integral part of education and training programmes across the globe. More and more schools, colleges, technical and soft skill institutes as well as organisations are turning to e-learning programmes to train their students and employees.

The reason for this trend is the multiple advantages e-learning offers. E-learning is self-paced, interactive and does not depend upon the location of the learner.

If you are an organisation or educational institution looking to introduce e-learning into your training methodologies or upgrade your existing e-learning syllabus, look no further. Zee Xpressions will partner with your designers to create state-of-the-art storyboards that are guaranteed to translate into visually attractive multimedia assets with the level of interactivity you choose. We build storyboards for K-12 as well as adult learners.

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Instructor-Led Training Material

Instructor-Led Training or ILT works best in scenarios where skills need to be imparted within a fixed timeframe and to a large group of people simultaneously. This is in contrast to e-learning which is self-paced, has flexible timings, and is directed at a single individual. ILT also involves a lot of group activities and discussions so that learners grasp new concepts and skills by doing rather than rote learning. Zee Xpressions’ ILT content is learner-centric and completely activity based. The content is designed such that learners are able to become aware of the concepts themselves rather than being spoon fed by the facilitator. Our current ILT content development experience extends to the sectors of Banking and Financial Services, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Trainers, B2B and more! We cater to audiences ranging from new joinees, rural job-seekers as well as professionals.

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